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Consumer Application

Enabling the turnkey interface model for you to manage your e-commerce or m-commerce startup. We empower you with building web/app interfaces for all the users in the hierarchy, inclusive of admin, vendor, and customer. Our robust processes help you with seamless user journeys and are powered using microservices that are integrated with pay-on-the-go model. Some of the salient features include:

  • Review and feedback mechanism
  • Chatbot implementation
  • Payment and procurement processes
  • Delivery and Stock inventory management

Medical Record Management

It always remain our endeavour to empower our clients and enhance their work processes with out services. Medical record review is one system developed to facilitate the review of medical records at an atomic level, and integrate end to end system. The overall system enables benchmarking the productivity and tracking the progress of cases. Some of the key highlights of the process include:

  • Configurable and user friendly interface
  • Enabling checkpoints for reviewers for better SLA and priority management
  • Case Lifecycle management
  • Real time reporting, and eay integration with document managemetn system

Work Allocation and Productivity

Digitising your work allocation and process management with the help of IT solutions company in India, is the best way to ensure an increase in productivity for your company. Our project management system solutions include tracking, reporting, and monitoring of activiites at both project and task level. Each individual team members gets his/her own trackers and enjoy easy reporting with your organisation hierarchy integrated. Also, manage your project health, measure the timelines, and define productivity outcomes, using the same tool.

  • A single solution for monitoring, management, and reporting.
  • Priority based task management
  • Mannual and Auto task management with regular updates
  • Productivity measurement algorithms

Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management form a crucial part of overall security protocols for any upcoming startup in the US or anywhere in the world. As the federal rules for cyber security tightens, and with ever increasing cyber attacks, it becomes imperative to keep a tab on who gets access to your systems. Our solutions for identity and access management, are built by our software team in India keeping in mind the robustness of the system, and ease for user experience. Salient features include:

  • Admin controlled user activation
  • Single sign-on/sign-off between applications
  • Enabling firewalls, captchas, and other measures ot prevent automated hacks
  • Secure credential management for users
Identity and Access Management Systems by software company in India
CAM retention engine by IT company in India

Content Access Management

Content Access Management enables firms to apply retention and deprovisioning policies based on set criteria that are actioned through an approval workflow. This platform utilizes a service which runs continuously to locate content eligible for migration (to another system), export (to return to the client), or deletion in accordance with defined disposition schedules, in the end triggering the workflow. Also, the processes are build to cater CAM retention engine and data sync.

  • Policy creation with retention from start or end of matter, or based on activity trigger
  • Notifications of retention and deprovision events
  • Decreases firm liability risk related to holding content for too long or for too short
  • Reduces risk as content is easily tracked in order to be moved, deleted, or exported accordingly
  • Improves client services due to clear application of retention policies based on clients’ requirements